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Gone Away
Survivors, episode 3 (1.3)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Carolyn Seymour   IMDB   Abby Grant
Lucy Flemming   IMDB   Jenny Richards
Ian McCulloch   IMDB   Greg Preston
Talfryn Thomas   IMDB   Tom Price
Myra Frances   IMDB   Anne Tranter
Guest Cast:
Brian Peck   IMDB   Dave Long
Barry Stanton   IMDB   Reg Gunnel
Robert Gillespie   IMDB   John Milner
Robert Fyfe   IMDB   Phillipson
Gordon Fletcher   IMDB   Boy
Terence Williams   IMDB
Terry Nation   IMDB
Synopsis Price is unsuccessfully hunting chickens when a boy appears and bags one of the birds. Tom gives chase and reaches a shack, where the boy is living with a man who is sick with typhoid.

Tom leaves the man and the boy to the chicken. Abby, Greg, and Jenny have spent the night in the church. Anne had left when Greg went back to fetch her.

Abby decides to make the church her base from which she will search for her son. Jenny and Greg agree to go with her in search of supplies. Tom comes across the church and seeing the three leave goes inside and makes himself at home.

Abby, Greg and Jenny find an out of town supermarket and start gathering food. Abby discovers a corpse hanging up with a sign saying 'Looter' around his neck.

Despite this, Abby decides to carry on collecting, although Greg and Jenny are keen to go elsewhere. As they are loading up the car, a Land Rover arrives with three of Wormley's men inside.

They recognise Abby, and accuse her of looting. They explain that everyone in the district must register at the Headquarters, where they will be issued with a 'chit' allowing them to collect food from the supermarket.

Abby refuses to accept this state of affairs. Whilst the men begins to unload the car Jenny snatches a gun off one of them. Greg then disarms the others.

Jenny and Abby reload the car and the three escape. Greg makes sure of this by shooting the tyres and stealing the ignition key. Wormley's men swear revenge.

As they drive away the trio discuss the possibility of setting up a community of survivors. But an exasperated Abby soon breaks down saying all she cares about is finding Peter and pulls the car over. Jenny goes after Abby to comfort her.

Back at the church, Tom is now keen to join Abby, Jenny and Greg. His shortcomings are obvious to them. He tells Greg of the man and the boy he'd met earlier.

Abby, Jenny and Greg set out to find them, in case the boy is Peter. Tom stays behind at the church, swigging back whisky.

Greg warns Abby not to get her hopes up. The pair are both found to be dead, but the boy is not Peter. On their return to the church, Wormley's men have arrived. Milner, on guard outside warns them to hide and tells his friends that he saw them running away.

They leave with Tom, who has decided to join them and register at the headquarters, but not before they wreck the church first. Abby decides she won't be able to settle in one place until she finds Peter...

By Andy Priestner
Gone Away is another strong episode. With our heroes finally together we learn more about their characters and motivations. Abby is portrayed as stubborn and unafraid to buck authority when she refuses to leave the supermarket and stands up to Wormley's men. Greg meanwhile is resourceful when disarming the men and pulling off the escape with the loaded car. Jenny also displays courage in this encounter, but on the whole is increasingly portrayed as more dependent on Abby and Greg.

Good for...

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