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Spoils of War
Survivors, episode 8 (1.8)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Carolyn Seymour   IMDB   Abby Grant
Ian McCulloch   IMDB   Greg Preston
Lucy Flemming   IMDB   Jenny Richards
Talfryn Thomas   IMDB   Tom Price
John Hallet   IMDB   Barney
Hana Maria Pravda   IMDB   Emma Cohen
Julie Neubert   IMDB   Wendy
Terry Scully   IMDB   Vic Thatcher
Tanya Ronder   IMDB   Lizzie Willoughby
Stephen Dudley   IMDB   John Millon
Christopher Tranchell   IMDB   Paul Pitman
Michael Gover   IMDB   Arthur Russell
Eileen Helsby   IMDB   Charmian Wentwoth
Gerald Blake   IMDB
M K Jeeves   IMDB
Synopsis and Tom are attempting to get an old tractor to work, whilst Abby and Jenny fail to make a horse plough one of the meadows. They are watched by a stranger who soon offers his assistance. The man's name is Paul Pitman.

He lived in a commune before the death and is knowledgeable about self-sufficiency. He had been to London to try to find his father, but soon left the dangerous chaos there for the countryside. He offers them some advice on how to organise, and thinks they have started poorly.

Greg resents Paul's interference at first as he clearly challenges his position and discusses the situation with Abby and Jenny.

Greg and Tom continue to have little success with the tractor. Greg suddenly remembers the tractor in the quarry in Genesis and also Anne and Vic's stock of food. Tom and Barney set off to check it out. They do not return at nightfall. Greg thinks Tom may have found the liquor store at the quarry. Some more survivors arrive that night. They are Charmian and Arthur.

They are still carrying out the same roles as before the death. She as his secretary and he as her boss. They are heading North to Arthur's private island but clearly have very little idea about survival.

The next morning Charmian tells Arthur she would like to stay at the grange. Later, Greg commandeers Arthur's Land Rover so that he and Paul can go after Tom and Barney. Jenny and Abby see them off.

They find them pinned down by gunfire in the quarry and soon spot Tom and Barney down below.

Tom and Barney appear to be under threat from several gunmen housed in the portakabin. Greg suggests that Tom tries to wave a flag of surrender. He does so but is shot at.

After surveying the scene with Paul, Greg climbs down the rear of the quarry and looks through the window of the portakabin. He is amazed to see Vic Thatcher who has several guns rigged together to defend his position.

Vic has been there ever since Anne left him. He has survived due to the food stores but his legs are useless.

Greg convinces him that he hadn't realised that Anne had lied to him and offers him a place in the community. Vic wants to stay where he is at first, as he is convinced that Anne will return to claim her stockpile of goods, and he wants revenge. However he eventually agrees.

By Andy Priestner
This episode rather clumsily adds another four characters to the community taking the total number to thirteen. The sudden influx of survivors feels somehow artificial. Such a large cast inevitably means that in this and future episodes, events will have to focus around certain characters, whilst others fade into the background. Later still some members of the community will not appear for episodes at a time! Wendy is the casualty here, receiving no development at all.

Paul is an excellent...

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