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The Future Hour
Survivors, episode 10 (1.10)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Carolyn Seymour   IMDB   Abby Grant
Ian McCulloch   IMDB   Greg Preston
Lucy Flemming   IMDB   Jenny Richards
Talfryn Thomas   IMDB   Tom Price
Hugh Walters   IMDB   Vic Thatcher
Michael Gover   IMDB   Arthur Russell
Christopher Tranchell   IMDB   Paul Pitman
Hana Maria Pravda   IMDB   Emma Cohen
Eileen Helsby   IMDB   Charmian Wentworth
Tanya Ronder   IMDB   Lizzie Willoughby
Stephen Dudley   IMDB   John Millon
Guest Cast:
Glyn Owen   IMDB   Bernard Huxley
Caroline Burt   IMDB   Laura Foster
Denis Lawson   IMDB   Norman
Terence Williams   IMDB
Terry Nation   IMDB
Synopsis woman called Laura, who is heavily pregnant, and a man called Norman are on the run from a man called Huxley. Nearby, Greg and Paul have spotted an encampment of vehicles on a road near the Grange. Investigating further they find a large van full of supplies.

They belong to Huxley, a trader who has been scavenging around the country taking gold in exchange. He believes this will make him a rich man when civilisation returns. Huxley discovers that Laura and Norman have gone and he orders his men to search for them. Greg and Paul return to discover Laura and Norman have arrived at the Grange.

Greg wants to turn them away but the others think he is being melodramatic about the threat that Huxley poses. Laura left Huxley because he does not want her to keep her child when it is born. Huxley had taken her under his wing under the condition she gave up the child to a settlement. Abby refuses to turn them out, agreeing to hide them until Huxley gives up the search.

The next day Huxley turns up at the grange and Norman and Laura are hidden in the cellar. Abby is hospitable with him and almost pulls the wool over his eyes.

Unfortunately John and Lizzie, who are very excited about the prospect of Laura's baby, give the game away to one of Huxley's men. Huxley breaks in to the grange that night.

However he is soon disarmed. Norman returns the gold he stole. Huxley swears he'll be back for Laura. The next day they find Arthur tied up and some of their crop burned. Arthur passes on a message that they have until the next morning to return Laura. Abby and Greg argue and she wins out again. Laura will stay.

That night Laura and Norman leave of their own accord fearing Huxley's intentions. Abby accuses Greg of ordering them to leave, but he denies it. He does admit to telling Laura about Huxley's ultimatum and letting her make up her own mind about what action to take. Abby is livid and hits him.

Norman comes running back to tell them Laura has gone into labour in a nearby field. Greg finds Laura and comforts her.

They bring her back to the grange and a baby girl is delivered. Paul is ambushed by Huxley and his men whilst tending the sheep and the flock is slaughtered.

The community prepares for a siege. After setting off an explosion, Huxley gives them a final ultimatum of the next morning before he uses his explosives in earnest. The community decide that the only course of action is a pre-emptive strike on Huxley's camp. At dawn they reach the camp and are spotted by Huxley's men.

Tom is shot and a gunfight begins. Abby and Laura arrive. Laura has decided to leave the child and go with Huxley.

Tom shoots Huxley before he is shot dead himself. With Huxley dead, his men decide to leave the matter and go. Laura and her baby stay with the community.

By Andy Priestner
The Future Hour is undoubtedly the weakest episode of the first series. The best it has to offer are Greg and Abby's arguments over Huxley's intent, which for Abby appear to be shows of power rather than genuine concern for Laura. The episode's main problem is that it follows the excellent Law and Order and its issues are uninvolving by comparison.

The guest cast are passable but fail to light up the story, which apart from the detailed portrait of Huxley, with his own take on the...

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