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Survivors, episode 11 (1.11)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Carolyn Seymour   IMDB   Abby Grant
Ian McCulloch   IMDB   Greg Preston
Lucy Flemming   IMDB   Jenny Richards
Hugh Walters   IMDB   Vic Thatcher
Myra Frances   IMDB   Anne Tranter
Michael Gover   IMDB   Arthur Russell
Christopher Tranchell   IMDB   Paul Pitman
Hana Maria Pravda   IMDB   Emma Cohen
Eileen Helsby   IMDB   Charmian Wentworth
Tanya Ronder   IMDB   Lizzie Willoughby
Stephen Dudley   IMDB   John Millon
Robert Tayman   IMDB   Donnie
Gerald Blake   IMDB
Jack Ronder   IMDB
Synopsis is extremely depressed and makes a half hearted attempt to shoot himself as he is feeling useless and isolated.

The community meets to discuss how they can help him. He feels that his teaching the children is unimportant. Greg and Paul risk a trip into a town and find him a wheelchair. They also bring back a supply of books which might help in his teaching.

However he still believes his teaching work to be futile and instead starts to tell stories to John and Lizzie which are clearly about his own experience of Anne Tranter, the woman who left him for dead in the quarry. He is still eaten up by thoughts of revenge.

A petrol tanker arrives it is driven by a man called Donnie. His passenger is none other than Anne Tranter. Greg and Anne recognise each other.

Greg tells her that Vic is alive and living with them. Anne requests to stay upstairs where Vic can't get to her.

Greg tells Abby about Anne and Vic's history. She thinks it best that Anne leaves, but would like Donnie and of course the petrol to stay. The children tell Vic of the new arrivals. Vic wonders if the new woman is the Anne that abandoned him.

Everyone except Anne and Vic has gone out harvesting. Donnie has joined them for the task.

Vic recognises Anne's voice calling out to Donnie on their return. Donnie doesn't know the details of Anne's dealings with Vic but agrees to leave with her in the morning.

That evening Anne stays upstairs to eat but Vic asks that she come down and sit with them all. Despite her reservations she comes down to dinner.

Vic exposes what she did to him to the whole group. Donnie asks if he can become a member of the community. Anne will leave alone in the morning.

That night Vic manages to drag himself up the stairs to reach Anne. Anne had anticipated this attempt and is waiting for him at the top of the stairs armed with a scythe.

Anne drops the scythe to comfort him and Vic seizes that moment to take her by the throat and start to throttle her. Anne pleads with him, telling him that above all else she wants to live. Vic relents.

Anne and Vic stay together talking until dawn. After which she leaves on foot, watched by Vic.

By Andy Priestner
Revenge is simply a superb piece of drama. The series long lead up to the conclusion of the Anne and Vic story, which began in Genesis, and was continued in Spoil of War concludes here with much style. The effectiveness of the episode is down to the fantastic Myra Frances and the new Vic, Hugh Walters. It was a great shame that Vic had to be recast just before his hour of glory, but Terry Scully's nervous breakdown left the production team with little choice. That we immediately accept Walters...

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