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Greater Love
Survivors, episode 15 (2.2)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Christopher Tranchell   IMDB   Paul Pitman
Celia Gregory   IMDB   Ruth Anderson
Denis Lill   IMDB   Charles Vaughan
Ian McCulloch   IMDB   Greg Preston
Lucy Flemming   IMDB   Jenny Richards
Lorna Lewis   IMDB   Pet Simpson
Michael Gover   IMDB   Arthur Russell
John Abineri   IMDB   Hubert Goss
Tanya Ronder   IMDB   Lizzie Willoughby
Stephen Dudley   IMDB   John Millon
Gordon Salkilld   IMDB   Jack Wood
Pennant Roberts   IMDB
Don Shaw   IMDB
Synopsis has given birth to a baby boy. She wants to call him David and decides she would like to stay on at Whitecross to raise him. Greg concedes and tells Charles and Pet that they will stay after all. They are both very pleased.

Ruth and Paul are now together despite the social chasm that would have divided them in the pre-death world. Ruth is called out to see Jenny who has developed a fever. Ruth fears there may be a problem with the afterbirth.

She concludes to Greg's horror that Jenny requires an operation. Ruth requires surgical tools and drugs which they do not have.

She suggests a trip to a city hospital to ensure the items she needs are found. Birmingham is touted as an obvious choice. The risk of the trip is recognised as high, but nevertheless Greg wants to go. Ruth feels he'll be more use at Jenny's side. Paul volunteers, partly to prove himself to Ruth but also to help Jenny. He sets off at first light on horseback.

He returns the next day on foot, his horse having gone lame on the journey home. He has brought back everything on Ruth's list but is feeling unwell. Ruth suggests he stays in one of the barns in case he has something infectious. Ruth successfully treats Jenny and then turns her attention to Paul who is now very sick.

Keeping a safe distance she instructs him in how to inject himself with one of the drugs he brought back. She is greatly distressed by the situation. Paul continues to get sicker and develops lumps under his arms and on his neck. Ruth thinks it may be bubonic plague, but as the drugs have not worked she concludes that this could be a mutant strain.

Ruth advises that Paul's infection could spread via animal fleas. Arthur suggests that as Paul is dying that they should humanely put him out of his misery and burn the barn to the ground. Greg strongly opposes the idea believing they are becoming brutalised by always putting survival above everything else. He suggests that Paul is perhaps too ill to have injected himself properly and makes a suit of polythene sacks to treat him personally. Ruth however insists that she should do the job herself.

Ruth visits her love for the last time. She comforts Paul and tells him that his efforts saved Jenny's life.

Paul dies in her arms soon after. A dejected Ruth leaves the barn.

Ruth returns soon after to burn the barn down. John notices the fire during his birthday party and Arthur and Jack go to investigate. Ruth has gone missing. The following day Greg locates her in the woods during an organised search. She is extremely disillusioned and has contemplated suicide.

The survivors plan to learn from their experience and set up a quarantine area for returning members or new visitors to prevent the spread of infection. Jenny and Greg have changed their minds about their baby's name, deciding to call him Paul.

By Andy Priestner
This episode fleshes out the character of Ruth, whose distress at the loss of her love Paul is the aspect which the viewer will undoubtedly take away with them. The final days of a relatively new love affair are poignantly captured here, as ultimately Paul gives his life not only to help his friend Jenny but also to prove his worth to his lover.

Celia Gregory proves herself to be a worthy addition to the cast and her character is clearly the main protagonist here, demonstrating the increased...

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