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Survivors, episode 27 (3.1)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Denis Lill   IMDB   Charles Vaughan
Lucy Flemming   IMDB   Jenny Richards
John Abineri   IMDB   Hubert Goss
Lorna Lewis   IMDB   Pet Simpson
Gordon Salkilld   IMDB   Jack Wood
Stephen Dudley   IMDB   John Millon
Angie Stevens   IMDB   Lizzie Willoughby
Guest Cast:
Michael Hawkins   IMDB   Colonel Clifford
Anthony Jacobs   IMDB   Miede
Dan Meaden   IMDB   Seth
June Brown   IMDB   Susan
John Rolfe   IMDB   Summers
David Freedman   IMDB   Roberts
Peter Jefferies   IMDB
Terence Dudley   IMDB
Synopsis is six months since Greg left Whitecross with Agnes and Jack. Jack is lying injured in some woods, waiting for some wild dogs to pass on. He's in a bad way. Jack takes his chance and hurries off, but the dogs soon track him down. He climbs a tree to escape them.

Seth, the blacksmith, finds him some time later and takes him back to the home he shares with a woman called Susan. He realises who Jack is and reminds Susan of Greg's departure from Whitecross. Apparently Charles has since moved on to Challoner. Seth thinks it is too late to call him using the new phone system that Charles has set up. Jack has a fever now and is slipping in and out of consciousness. Susan notices that Jack is clutching letters addressed to Charles Vaughan and Jenny Richards...

The next morning Seth calls Charles at Challoner. Charles is convinced that the letters must be from Greg and tells Seth he will come over to him to open his letter himself.

Charles is accompanied at Challoner by Pet, Hubert, Jenny, John and Lizzie. When Jenny hears the news she insists that she will join Charles on his trip. They set off after Charles instructs Hubert, who is complaining of toothache, to man the phone.

At Seth's home, Jenny and Charles learn that Greg is with Agnes and that he wrote to them from a place called Wellingham in Suffolk. They did get to Norway but the people there are still in a desperate state. Greg plans to talk to as many people as he can about their plight on his way back to Jenny and Charles. Charles relays all this to Hubert via a phone call. Jenny wants to go to Greg and is concerned that he may be 'with' Agnes now. Charles assures her that she is very important to Greg. She is not so sure.

Jack stirs a little later and Jenny tries to find out about Greg. She becomes hysterical when Jack starts shouting out about Greg and a broken arm. Charles calms her down and promises her they will set off to find Greg in the morning.

Back at Challoner, Hubert is telling Pet the news, but is becoming preoccupied with his toothache. At Seth's home, Charles and Jenny have set off, Jack wakes and starts to mumble about dogs, Greg and Agnes and says that "he'll be killed..tear him to pieces...Miedel, must stop him...he'll kill him". Seth and Susan are none the wiser.

At Challoner, Pet hears the latest news from Seth by phone. He thinks someone should go after Jenny and Charles as it sounds like Greg is in danger. Pet explains that apart from Hubert, that everyone else is at Whitecross. When Pet tells Hubert the news he reveals that he can ride a horse. Pet promises him something medicinal to help his toothache if he will set off after Jenny and Charles.

Hubert follows Charles and Jenny for some days. Charles finds that one of the horses has been favouring a leg so they are forced to travel on, on one horse.

Back at Challoner, Lizzie tells John that she doesn't think Jenny will come back. Meanwhile Jenny and Charles hear a man screaming for help. The man has been staked out on the ground.

Charles frees the man and he runs off. Charles suspects that he was a junkie. Their actions have been observed by a man in a military uniform and they are taken captive.

At a nearby settlement they are brought before a man called Colonel Clifford. Charles observes that they are very organised there. Clifford wants to know if they are travelling alone and initially ignores their questions about Greg.

Clifford tells them that Greg left the settlement in good health a week ago accompanied by Agnes. He explains that Greg was making his way back to them as fast as Agnes would let him. Apparently Jack left the settlement with a bad cold. He also tells them that they make drugs there and that their scientist called Miedel is invaluable to their cause.

Miedel introduces himself to Charles and Jenny and extols Greg's virtues to the latter. He tells them that Greg and Agnes have gone on to Nettleton following a route devised by Agnes from her father's map, in order to obtain support to help her people on the way. Jenny is desperate to go on after them, but Miedel is insistent that they stay the night after their long journey.

In his makeshift laboratory Miedel explains that he is synthesising a substitute for pethadine, which is itself a substitute for morphine. He relates how expensive it is to make the drug in terms of time. Charles is suspicious of the setup, especially when he learns that they charge a small levy for the drugs produced. Miedel insists that they only ask for the raw materials and subsistence from neighbouring communities.

Charles questions Miedel about the man, Roberts, who he released in the woods. Miedel knows of him, but claims not to know what had been done to him.

Hubert is still pursuing Charles and Jenny and is now in agony with his bad tooth. He tries to remove it using horsehair and a barn door but is painfully unsuccessful.

Miedel confronts Clifford about Roberts' treatment. Clifford claims he was only protecting what they have and reminds him that Roberts almost killed him last week. He describes Roberts as 'a junkie by choice'.

Charles and Jenny feel like prisoners and are highly suspicious of Clifford's regime. Jenny wonders if Greg fought the setup here and was killed or even that he may be alive and holed up somewhere in the settlement. They decide to have a look around.

At Seth and Susan's place, Jack is much improved, but very concerned when he learns that only Hubert has gone after Charles and Jenny. Meanwhile, the pair are snooping around the settlement.

They are soon apprehended and prevented from entering a building which is for 'authorised personnel only'. Charles attacks their captor and urges Jenny to get away. She runs off as Charles is surrounded by more of Clifford's men.

Jenny makes it away from the settlement, whilst Charles is taken to see Clifford. Clifford explains to him that they have been under attack from groups who want to steal their drugs. He advises Charles that he and Greg have no chance of federating the country if they are frightened and suspicious.

Clifford explains Miedel's background to Charles and how Agnes and Greg left some Norwegians behind to become his new students since Roberts, who had been his previous apprentice, went off the rails and stole some opium. Clifford believes Miedel and his work is invaluable and must be protected with force if necessary. Roberts is part of a group of primitives who are trying to obtain a substitute for LSD. Charles is still suspicious of Clifford.

Clifford goes on to explain that there is a plastic skeleton staked out on the other side of the settlement to provoke fear and ward off attacks and that when they stake attackers out they can free themselves once they stop panicking. Charles apologises for his hasty conclusions.

Hubert finds the skeleton and is unsurprisingly perturbed. Jenny runs into him and is overjoyed to see a familiar face.

Jenny has been followed. She takes Hubert's gun and fires at the man.

Jenny goes on to the camp to rescue Charles. They run into Charles and Clifford and Jenny claims she has twenty people with her. Before Charles can explain anything, Jenny throws a gun to him, which hits him in the head, knocking him out.

Clifford finds Hubert in the woods. He is brought back to the settlement where Miedel extracts his tooth.

Now friends, with misunderstandings forgotten, Miedel and Clifford wish Charles, Jenny and Hubert luck as they set off after Greg.

By Andy Priestner
Manhunt is very much a bridging episode. This is obvious not least from the fact that it was written by producer, Terence Dudley. New ground rules and a new tougher look immediately mark the third series apart from its cosier predecessor. Set six months after the events of New World, here we are re-introduced to our Survivors in locations and situations with far darker overtones and motifs. Clearly word has gone out between seasons that the regulars need to look grimier to befit a world that is...

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