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Survivors episodlista: PalmPilot Episode Guide (Requires JFile 5.5).
1:a säsong
The Fourth Horseman
Premiärdatum: 16 Apr 1976 Grant is relaxing playing tennis against a tennis trainer machine at her home.

When her son, Peter, phones from boarding school, Abby's housekeeper, Mrs Transon, calls her inside. Abby is p
Premiärdatum: 23 Apr 1976 Preston arrives back from Holland by helicopter and finds his wife dead. Abby fails to attract his attention when he flies overhead.

Jenny sees the smoke from Abby's campfire but she has left by the ti
Gone Away
Premiärdatum: 30 Apr 1976 Price is unsuccessfully hunting chickens when a boy appears and bags one of the birds. Tom gives chase and reaches a shack, where the boy is living with a man who is sick with typhoid.

Tom leaves the
Corn Dolly
Premiärdatum: 07 Maj 1975, Greg and Jenny are driving back to the former's village in search of Peter.

On the way they run out of petrol. Abby goes off in search of a garage, whilst Greg and Jenny set up camp.

Abby finds
Gone to the Angels
Premiärdatum: 14 Maj 1975 staying at a train station for the night, Abby, Greg and Jenny drive on towards Peter's school, when they pass the school's minibus parked by the side of the road. They check it out, thinking
Garland's War
Premiärdatum: 21 Maj 1975's_War.htmThe group of survivors encounter a man called John who tells them he is living with a boy called Peter.

Abby's hopes are dashed when she meets the boy. John tells Greg and Jenny about a settlement in
Premiärdatum: 04 Jun 1975 survivors, a young woman called Wendy and an elderly lady called Emma, have run out of food. Wendy elects to go off and try to scavenge for some.

She encounters a man who is cooking fish. It is none
Spoils of War
Premiärdatum: 11 Jun 1975 and Tom are attempting to get an old tractor to work, whilst Abby and Jenny fail to make a horse plough one of the meadows. They are watched by a stranger who soon offers his assistance. The man's na
Law and Order
Premiärdatum: 18 Jun 1975 hard slog of surviving is beginning to affect community morale. Tom and others have a problem with Arthur, especially because he is hoarding supplies and eating alone. Emma is fed up of cooking all t
The Future Hour
Premiärdatum: 25 Jun 1975 woman called Laura, who is heavily pregnant, and a man called Norman are on the run from a man called Huxley. Nearby, Greg and Paul have spotted an encampment of vehicles on a road near the Grange. I
Premiärdatum: 02 Jul 1975 is extremely depressed and makes a half hearted attempt to shoot himself as he is feeling useless and isolated.

The community meets to discuss how they can help him. He feels that his teaching the child
Something of Value
Premiärdatum: 09 Jul 1975 is teaching John and Lizzie how to fish, when a stranger called Robert Lawson arrives at the Grange.

He stays overnight, during which there is a heavy storm. He leaves the next morning but n
A Beginning
Premiärdatum: 16 Jul 1975 community is at loggerheads once more, as the seeds traded for the petrol prove to be useless. Both Greg and Abby are becoming tired of command. Abby speaks privately to Jenny and her suspicions that J
2:a säsong
Birth of a Hope
Premiärdatum: 31 Mar 1976 is travelling to Whitecross to trade some goods. Upon arrival he meets a woman called Pet.

Greg tells her that he has come to trade cured animal skins for wheat as theirs went bad. She is sure
Greater Love
Premiärdatum: 07 Apr 1976 has given birth to a baby boy. She wants to call him David and decides she would like to stay on at Whitecross to raise him. Greg concedes and tells Charles and Pet that they will stay after all. Th
Lights of London I
Premiärdatum: 14 Apr 1976 couple of survivors called Penny and Amul, arrive at Whitecross asking for Ruth.

They claim to have news that Abby is at a place called Derring farm where she and other members of a commun
Lights of London II
Premiärdatum: 21 Apr 1976 and Charles are rescued from the rats by Wally, an exile from the London settlement who spoke out against Manny's unilateral regime.

At the Oval they meet Manny and demand to see Ruth.
Face of the Tiger
Premiärdatum: 28 Apr 1976 and Charles are interrupted whilst working out in the fields by the arrival of a man.

He introduces himself as Alistair McFadden. He is knowledgeable about herbal medicine. After his period o
The Witch
Premiärdatum: 05 Maj 1976 and Greg are attempting to get the nearby water mill working again. It is hard work as many of the community members including Jenny and Arthur are away on a salt collecting trip.

John and Lizzie
A Friend in Need
Premiärdatum: 12 Maj 1976 woman in a settlement near to Whitecross, is feeding chickens in a field, when she is suddenly shot down by someone who has been watching her. At Whitecross, Greg and Charles are chairing a meeting
By Bread Alone
Premiärdatum: 19 Maj 1976 are some new arrivals at Whitecross. They include a young couple called Judy and Philip and a sensitive man called Lewis. There is much to do at the settlement now that it is spring. The digging o
The Chosen
Premiärdatum: 26 Maj 1976 and Pet are travelling back home to Whitecross having been on an expedition to collect salt. It is late afternoon so they decide to find shelter for the night.

They make themselves comfortable in
Premiärdatum: 02 Jun 1976 is collecting herbs by the banks of a canal a few miles away from the Whitecross settlement when she meets a man called John Millen who is running a horse drawn barge.

The pair strike up a friendship
New Arrivals
Premiärdatum: 09 Jun 1976 group of youngsters arrive at Whitecross. Their leader, Mark Carter, wastes no time in knifing a group of cows open who have 'clover bloat', from grazing on fresh clover. It is a condition that could ki
Over the Hills
Premiärdatum: 16 Jun 1976 the mill, which is still occupied by the younger members of the community, a rope climbing game is in progress. Alan is climbing the rope whilst it is held at the top floor of the mill by Dave, Pete,
New World
Premiärdatum: 23 Jun 1976 balloon is spotted by various members of the community as it flies over Whitecross.

Jenny is keen to go after it and gets the horses ready. Mel, Alan and the other workers in the fields are also intrigu
3:e säsong
Premiärdatum: 16 Mar 1977 is six months since Greg left Whitecross with Agnes and Jack. Jack is lying injured in some woods, waiting for some wild dogs to pass on. He's in a bad way. Jack takes his chance and hurries off, but the do
A Little Learning
Premiärdatum: 23 Mar 1977 is searching for Greg on her own having left Charles and Hubert behind. She is unaware that he and Agnes are very close by.

Greg and Agnes meet an eccentric old woman living on her own, call
Law of the Jungle
Premiärdatum: 30 Mar 1977, who is still travelling alone, is being chased by a pack of wild dogs. Luckily Charles arrives on the scene, coming to her rescue with a shotgun.

Charles frightens the dogs off, allowing Je
Mad Dog
Premiärdatum: 06 Apr 1977 left Jenny and Agnes back at the Walter's reclaimed farm, Charles is trying to track down Tom Walter. Whilst resting by a railway viaduct a pack of vicious dogs arrive on the scene.

Charles is thrown
Premiärdatum: 13 Apr 1977 the Walter's farm Edith is chiding her sons, Owen and Steve, for wanting to ride off to look for Charles. He has been away for ten days and Edith fears he will never return, just like her son Tom. Edith
Premiärdatum: 20 Apr 1977 comes to the aid of a shepherd called Walter.

He alerts Charles and Jenny and they find Walter nearby. He appears to have hurt his leg. Walter tells Charles about a vet who lives at a place nearby ca
The Peacemaker
Premiärdatum: 27 Apr 1977, Jenny and Hubert have left Sloton Spencer behind them and are still searching the countryside for Greg.

They come across a settlement which is based around a working mill. They are cryptical
Premiärdatum: 04 Maj 1977 man is alone in the woods staring at what looks like a photograph. Nearby, Hubert who has broken off from the main party is looking for the electrician, Campbell. He is singing aloud as he goes.

Jenny, Fra
The Enemy
Premiärdatum: 11 Maj 1977, Jenny, Hubert and Frank are now also accompanied by Alec as they continue to journey North. Whilst Alec is racing on ahead, Frank is lagging behind as his heart is playing up. Charles promises a con
The Last Laugh
Premiärdatum: 18 Maj 1977 waits for Greg at their planned rendezvous, but he is somewhere else entirely on the trail of Dr. Stephen Adams. Seeing the smoke from a camp fire Greg goes to investigate.

The fire has been ma
Long Live the King
Premiärdatum: 01 Jun 1977 has discovered a field telephone and is convinced that Greg set it up. Jenny arrives and tells Charles that Alec wants to make a start on the next leg of their ongoing journey to Scotland.
Premiärdatum: 08 Jun 1977 is woken by the sound of a steam train whistle. He calls for Sam who is just outside. Sam says he didn't hear the train and thinks that Tom Walter wouldn't have got the trains working in Scotland yet anyway